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Held at the Academy Snooker Centre - Basingstoke

Saturday 21st October 2017


This was the 3rd year of the Tribute and Memorial Dart Competitions, previously known as the Brian Fox & Bob Anderson Snr memorial darts, which this year was once again hosted and sponsored by the Academy club, in aid of the Heart of darts charity.  This was the 10th year the memorial competitions have been running.


The idea of the day is to bring the darting family together in memory of and to pay tribute to those who are no longer with us. It is a great day of darts while raising money for charity, to help those less fortunate than ourselves.


John Bartlett, the event organiser, thanked everyone for coming and asked for everyone in the club to take a few minutes to pay their respects to our loved ones, family and friends.  As a mark of respect and remembrance, everyone joined a round of applause whilst John Bartlett read out the names on the role of honour.  Those in the role of honour were: Brian Fox, Bob Anderson, Phyl & Bert Kelly, Graham Baker, Garry Bennett, Doris Agozzino, Tav Bartlett, Rod Shadwell, Bill Freeman, Gary Hawkins, Stan & Ellie Petchey, Charlie Carr, Doreen Humber, Steph Oliver, Peter Bartlett, Joe Leahy, Raymond and Margaret Brown, George & Phyllis Hardman and most recently Pam Brice, Mick Collins and Mike Bell.


The Tribute & Memorial Pairs:

This year’s winners were Steve Shadwell and Colin Monk, beating Ricky Cull and George Hakim in the final.


The Tribute & Memorial Singles:

This year’s title was won by Mark Petchey, beating Ritchie Yates 3-2 in the final.  This was a fitting tribute to his parents Stan and Ellie Petchey who were amongst those in the role of honour. The losing semi-finalists were Jo Rolls and Mick White.


John and Tracey Bartlett, the organisers, were very pleased with what was a very successful, enjoyable & emotional day. The turnout for this year’s event was even better than last year and over £1000 was raised in total for charity.  Those Charities benefiting this year were the Heart of Darts (£773), British Heart Foundation (£190), Cancer Research (£42) & Cats Protection Society (£40). The money collected was raised from sponsorship, entry fees, prize money, a raffle and heart of dart pens, key ring torches and pins.


Our thanks go to everyone who attended, the winners & runners up for donating their prize money, Bobby Bartlett for the painting of Daryl Fitton and Paul Hogan which raised £87 in the raffle, Les Miller for his donations and support of the event and the great show of charitable gestures. Our thanks also go to the Academy snooker centre for their continued support and all the staff involved in helping making this event a success. We look forward to next year’s event and hope to see you all there.


John & Tracey Bartlett – Organisers

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